Dr. Flanders gives talk about sexual harassment

Dr. Flanders recently presented a talk on sexual harassment, disruptive behavior and distressed doctors at a medical staff meeting with doctors and nurse practitioners at a hospital in the greater Kansas City area.  The talk reviewed the definition of sexual harassment and how it falls within the category of disruptive behavior as outlined by the Joint Commission in Sentinel Event 40. The presentation also discussed types of behaviors that could be perceived as sexual harassment regardless of the doctor’s intent. Finally he reviewed the role of doctors as team leaders and their responsibilities as team leaders address behaviors that could be perceived as sexual harassment.

Dr. Flanders is a key part of the PRC® clinical team who helps with both assessment and treatment of doctors at PRC®. If you have questions about Dr. Flanders’ talk, or any of PRC®’s assessment or treatment services please click the link to get more information.

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