Assessment Services

  • We recognize it can be difficult to feel comfortable sharing information about yourself and factors that may have contributed to your referral.
  • We attempt to give our participants the opportunity to settle in to the assessment process.
  • Thus, the assessment is 2-4 days in duration depending on the presenting issues and reason for referral, but remains flexible.
  • Components of the assessment include:
    • Collateral Data
      • Record Review
      • Telephone Contacts
      • 360 Data Collection
    • Evaluation of Biopsychosocial Factors
      • Structured Interviews
      • Objective Testing
      • Focused Physical
      • Self-Report Testing

Assessment includes a feedback session

  • Clinicians review results of tests
  • Clinicians review results in the context of the broader issues that led to the referral
  • Recommendations are generated and discussed


  • Findings from each component
  • Diagnosis
  • Overall Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Fitness for Duty Statement