Our core focus is the health, well-being, and safety of the professionals we serve. This focus necessitates that we are:

  • Individualized;
  • Flexible;
  • Comprehensive; and
  • Collaborative


The vision originally developed by the Center for Professional Health faculty at Vanderbilt and adopted for this course is for physicians with disruptive behavior to have an opportunity to learn new behavioral skills to enable them to function in an increasingly complex medical environment, document specific behavioral changes and maintain their position and privileges in their practice or hospital staff.


  • PRC® is a freestanding assessment and treatment facility that has been providing services to high accountability professionals (doctor, lawyer, business executives, and other healthcare professionals)  since 2000.
  • Our multidisciplinary staff has decades of experience working with high accountability professionals(doctor, lawyer, business executives, and other healthcare professionals).
  • Given our long history of working with high accountability professionals we understand the discomfort and stress associated with being referred for services.

We will work hard to try to make this process a helpful and meaningful one for you.