Continuing Medical Education Opportunities

PRC® is proud to partner with Wales Behavioral Assessment and accredited by American Academy of Family Physicians in order to offer our clients multiple CME opportunities. We gratefully acknowledge the Center for Professional Health At Vanderbilt University Medical Center for graciously sharing their course materials with us. These opportunities have been tailored to the needs of the client and the referral sources.

The Director of the Professional Renewal Center®, Dr. Betsy White Williams, is the Course Director for  Learning Activites that are accredited through American Academy of Family Physicians.


A course for disruptive physicians that provides an opportunity to learn new behavioral skills to enable them to function in an increasingly complex medical environment, document specific behavioral changes and maintain their position and privileges in their practice or hospital staff.

The course is based in Chicago.

The Program for Distressed Physicians 2019 Dates

Initial Class- 12/7/18-12/9/18

Initial Class- 2/1/19-2/3/19

Initial Class- 4/19/19-4/21/19

Initial Class- 6/7/19-6/9/19

Initial Class- 8/9/19-8/11/19

Initial Class- 10/4/19-10/6/19

Initial Class- 12/13/19-12/5/19


The approach is to provide distressed physicians with a safe, confidential environment where they can learn with their peers about the origins and consequences of their actions and develop new skill sets. The educational modality is guided small group interaction with the Opportunity for exchange, feedback, and practice. The group serves as a “learning lab” providing learners the opportunity to “try-out” their newly developing skills.

Continuous Ongoing Professional Education

A Performance Improvement CME Program targeting Professionalism Interpersonal & Communication Skills System-based Practice. The activity helps participants learn and implement new behavioral skills to enable them to function in an increasingly complex medical environment. As part of the activity learners will assess and document specific behavioral changes. The program focuses on development of knowledge and skills in the core competency areas of Professionalism, Interpersonal and Communication Skills and System-based Practice.