AMEE 2018

Left to right
Dr. Betsy Williams

Dr. Mary Turco

Dr. Fred Hafferty

Dr. Ian Wilson
(Not Pictured) Dr. Dave Davis

Left to right: Dr. Betsy Williams, Dr. Mary Turco, Dr. Fred Hafferty, Dr. Ian Wilson, and (Not Pictured) Dr. Dave Davis.

I had the great pleasure to organize and co-present the workshop, Moving From Being Reactive to Being Proactive: Addressing Professionalism Challenges Across the Continuum, with co-presenters Dr. Dave Davis, Dr. Fred Hafferty, Dr. Mary Turco and Dr. Ian Wilson. During the workshop we discussed the types of behavioral issues that can be demonstrated by students, residents and practicing doctors who have demonstrated difficulties in the ACGME/ABMS core competency area of professionalism. We talked about disruptive behavior and how it is related to dyscompetence in the core competency areas. Participants learned new ways of thinking about these issues, and skills that could help them address such issues with trainees and physician colleagues.

I’d like to thank the participants of the workshop for their enthusiastic participation. Based on the feedback received, we are optimistic that this diverse group of attendees will be bringing these learnings to bear within their role at their various institutions.