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The Professional Renewal Center® offers multidisciplinary outpatient assessment, consultation, and treatment services in a supportive, thought-provoking environment. Through structured learning, goal reformation, and focused group therapy, ample growth-promoting opportunities are provided. While at PRC®, clients reside in off-site, convenient locations so that the benefits of a therapeutic and collegial community can extend into the evenings and weekends.

PRC® emphasizes a flexible and customized approach to meeting the needs of our clients. The assessment ranges from 2-5 days in duration, depending upon the needs of the referral source with flexible scheduling including weekend programming.

Typical referral sources include: Attorneys, Licensure/Regulatory Boards, Physician Health Program/EAP/Wellbeing committees, Practice Groups, Colleagues, and Family members.

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At PRC® our core focus is the health, wellbeing and safety of the professionals we serve. This focus necessitates that we are: Individualized, Flexible, Comprehensive, and Collaborative.

Our treatment process is the embodiment of our focus offering 7-day-a-week intensive outpatient day treatment.  We offer rolling admission and treat a multitude of issues.

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PRC® is proud to partner with Wales Behavioral Assessment and Rush University Medical Center in order to offer our clients multiple CME opportunities.  These opportunities have been tailored to the needs of the client and the referral source.


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