Day Treatment Program

Treatment Process

The Professional Renewal Center® offers a Day Treatment program for professionals who are seeking to make major changes in their life. Our program operates seven days a week.


We specialize in working with individuals who are struggling with disruptive behavior, professional boundaries including sexual misconduct, mood and anxiety disorders, and substance and behavioral addictions. We also work with professionals who are “burned out,” are struggling with transitional issues such as retirement, have trouble controlling their impulses, or who have been referred for treatment on the basis of their "personality type." Our wide range of experience and expertise allows us to work with, address, and resolve a variety of complex problems through the use of sophisticated, multi-modal treatment approaches.


We have observed in our work with professionals that a lack of understanding and appreciation for the processes, forces, and events that shape personal and organizational functioning often results in disruption and trouble of one sort or another. In knowing this, we apply an individualized treatment algorithm. The program is offered in a group therapy setting. Clients attend a number of groups a day that systematically address the multiple levels of functioning within their personal and professional lives. Clients also attend individual sessions targeted to meet their unique needs.


The foci of treatment are to foster the development of insight (what are all the possible factors that contributed to the referral and how does this impact those around you), development of knowledge and skills, and assisting in translating the knowledge and skills learned into personal and professional functioning. We seek to assist you in improving your functioning, taking into account biological, psychological, interpersonal, and professional factors. Through the promotion of the health and well-being of the professionals we serve, our overriding goal is to foster and promote public safety by working with our clients to develop skills that improve both personal functioning and professional competency.