Self-efficacy: a useful variable in understanding resilience, burnout, and happiness among health care professionals

Centile 2015

We recently returned from the  2015 International Conference to Promote Resilience, Empathy and Well-Being in the Health Professions: An Interprofessional Forum.  This conference brought together educators, researchers, practitioners, faculty development leaders and academic policy makers to present and discuss best practices and strategies to promote resilience, empathy and well-being in students, trainees, faculty, practitioners and care-givers across the health professions. 

During our symposium we presented our findings gathered from a number of different healthcare sites and settings. The symposium highlighted the useful nature of a theoretical structure which can aid in the design of interventions that improve wellbeing and resilience. Consistent with our CME research approach we employed a social cognitive model. We presented a framework that views burnout as a learned response. The framework offered suggestions for individual and organizational strategies to address burnout. The  model was well received. 

The meeting was superb.  We had the opportunity to hear Christina Maslach, Michael Leiter and several other luminaries in the field present their research. There was a spirit of collaboration.  We left feeling energized and excited.  

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